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Saving the Highland Tiger

Often referred to as the Tiger of the Highlands, it is striking, handsome and powerful, the very essence of a wild predator living by stealth and strength. Sadly, Scottish wildcats are now one of our most endangered mammals and are on the edge of extinction.

Urgent action is needed to save our wildcats. Building on a strong partnership keen to make a difference, Scottish Wildcat Action is the first national conservation plan with a vision to restore viable populations of Scottish wildcats north of the Highland fault line. We are committed to:

  • Working with local people in wildcat priority areas to reduce the risks of hybridisation, disease and accidental persecution;
  • Breeding healthy wildcats for later release to bolster the population through a conservation breeding programme;
  • Gathering extensive data and sharing our findings to improve understanding of this elusive predator.

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Dr Roo Campbell, sets up a motion-sensitive trail camera to monitor cats in the Scottish Highlands.

We have just five years to stop Scottish wildcats from disappearing. Only by working together can we hope to achieve this. Can you help?


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The Scottish Wildcat Conservation Action Plan

The action plan is the first evidence-based national activity plan that represents the contributions of leading wildcat experts from over 20 key organisations.

The story so far

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The team

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Dr Roo Campbell

Priorities Area Manager

Dr Campbell is project manager for the priority areas programme of Scottish Wildcat Action. He has significant experience of carrying out research on the behaviour and ecology of Scottish wildcats and received his PhD in Zoology from Oxford University. He is based at Scottish Natural Heritage, Inverness.


01463 725130

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Emma Rawling

Project Officer (Strathbogie / Strathavon)

Emma is responsible for Strathbogie and Strathavon. She has previously coordinated community-based projects involving monitoring and trapping of squirrels for Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrel’s. She is based at Forestry Commission Scotland office in Newton, Elgin.


07733 308002

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Dr Keri Langridge

Project Officer (Strathpeffer & Morvern)

Keri is responsible for Strathpeffer and Morvern. She has extensive experience of working as an ecological consultant and has worked for Cat’s Protection. She is based at The National Trust for Scotland office.


07920 181949

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David Barclay

Cat Conservation Project Officer

David is the Cat Conservation Project Officer for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) and manages the conservation breeding programme for Scottish Wildcat Action. 


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Allan Bantick OBE

Steering Group Chair

Allan is the Chair of the Scottish Wildcat Action Steering Group. He was the Former Chair for Scottish Wildlife Trust; Founding Chair of the Scottish Beaver Trial; Trustee of Scottish Badgers; Member of the Scottish Environment Link Wildlife Crime Task Force; and Founder Member of the Scottish Species Reintroductions Forum.

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Project Officer (Northern Strathspey/Angus Glens)

We will be recruiting for this position shortly. In the meantime, please contact Priority Areas Manager Dr Roo Campbell


01463 725130.

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Communications Coordinator

We will be recruiting for this position shortly but in the meantime please contact Fergus MacNeill regarding press enquiries by email or call 01463 725021 or for all other enquiries, contact Priority Areas Manager, Dr Roo Campbell.


01463 725130.

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