Is this your cat?

Scottish Wildcat Action has been using trail cameras to monitor cats in Strathpeffer. Has your pet cat made our mogshots gallery? If you recognise these furry faces, we'd love to hear from you. This will help us to understand which cats are living wild and need to be taken to the vet for treatment as part of our Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return (TNVR) programme. Contact Keri your local project officer for more information.


Location Seen mostly in the Kinellan area. Travels between Kinellan and the golf course club house using tracks in Ord woods at the back of Strathpeffer Town.

Distinguishing features Tabby cat. A short bushy tail with joined up tail bands. Possibly has some wildcat ancestry. A distinct pattern on the left foreleg that looks like a ring. Could be male or female.

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Location Keppoch, Heights of Keppoch

Distinguishing features Adult white and tabby cat with distinctive markings and stripy tail (note white patches on his back). Captured on several trail-cameras in the area over the past year, usually at night. Often seen by residents and thought to sleep inside barns in the area.  

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Not so whitey

Location Seen around Keppoch, Heights of Keppoch, Slaggan and Redbank.

Distinguishing features Looks almost identical to another cat, Whitey, and occurs in same locations. Only seen very recently and looks to be quite a young cat. Pattern similar to Whitey but does not have same white splotches on the back and at the base of the tail.

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Location Seen in the Keppoch/Inchvannie area particularly in January/February.

Distinguishing features Black cat with some white patches and four white paws. Could be male or female. Always visits at night between 9pm and 5am. Never during the day.

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Tabby White Socks

Location Frequently seen in the Keppoch/Inchvannie area, particularly January to March.

Distinguishing features Tabby cat with four white paws (more white on hind legs). White on neck. Could be male or female. Generally visits cameras between 1am and 5am.

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White Toes

Location Only seen around the Keppoch/Inchvannie area.

Distinguishing features Black or dark grey cat with four white paws/toes. More white on hind legs. Some white on neck. Only seen between 8.30pm and 3am between 7th and 12th January. Could be male or female.

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Location Seen many times around Dochnaclear in winter 2015 and in Heights of Fodderty area more recently.

Distinguishing features Adult black and white cat clearly visible black spot on right ‘wrist’ and different patterns around the face from Blackie. Only seen after dark.

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Location Seen regularly around Fodderty Care Home and Fodderty Farm. Often walks behind Fodderty to the railway line. Has been seen since winter 2015, when she appeared to be pregnant although no kittens were ever found. 

Distinguishing features Known tabby grey/white feral cat. Similar looking cat in the same area but Gracie has an easily distinguishable pattern on her flank. Most likely to be female.

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Location Only seen recently at Keppoch/Heights of Keppoch and also near Fodderty the previous night.

Distinguishing features Tabby cat with a large white bib on the front and four white paws and some white on the legs.

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