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How do we all become part of #GenerationWildcat?

• We are the last generation with a chance to save the endangered Scottish wildcat

• Time is running out so we must act now

• Walkers, ramblers, cyclists, workers in the countryside, wildlife photographers, amateur camera trappers and outdoor enthusiasts within priority areas can be part of the #GenerationWildcat movement by reporting any sightings of what you believe are Scottish wildcats - further information is available on this page

• Farmers and crofters can be part of the #GenerationWildcat movement by making sure farms cats are healthy to prevent them spreading disease to wildcats, reduce the use of pesticides and rodenticides and telling us about any un-neutered farm cats. For more visit the page 

• Land managers and gamekeepers can be part of #GenerationWildcat by employing wildcat friendly predator control methods. For more about what you can do visit the page

• It is crucial that anyone living in a priority area should ensure their pet cat is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped due to the risk to wildcats of hybridisation with domestic cats, as well as disease. Read more about turning you cat into a Supercat here

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