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Information for outdoor enthusiasts and how to be part of #GenerationWildcat

How you can be part of #GenerationWildcat

Outdoor enthusiasts are being encouraged to report any wildcat sightings via our website. Wildcats can look superficially similar to a tabby-marked domestic or feral cat. Information on how to identify a wildcat can be found here on the site.

If you are an amateur camera trapper then we have created a handy guide which gives you hints and tips about the best way to set up your trail camera in order to snap photos of the elusive Scottish wildcat. You can download it here.

Trail cameras can be set up anywhere in Scotland (with the landowner's permission) to establish whether or not there are outposts of wildcats in areas outwith SWA’s Wildcat Priority Areas. Sightings can then be logged on our website here.

Help us protect the Scottish wildcat by reporting all sightings via our website or by using the Mammal Tracker app, available on App Store and Google Play


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