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Scottish Wildcat Action are carrying out an extensive Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return (TNVR) programme in areas where there is evidence of wildcats. This is to prevent interbreeding and disease transmission.

Check our mogshots galleries below to see if your pet has made an appearance on one of our trail cameras. Get in touch with your local project officer if you recognise any of these cats.

What is Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return?

Neutering is also known as castration or spaying. It’s a safe and common operation that stops cats from breeding.

Are you shooting feral cats?

No. TNVR is a safe and humane non-lethal way to manage feral cat populations.

Why not just cull the ferals?

A small, healthy population of neutered ferals may help protect wildcats: they maintain a territory, keeping new ferals out

Is my pet cat at risk?

High standards help us avoid accidentally trapping pet cats but if they still find their way into a trap, we will release it. We can identify them more quickly with a microchip or collar.

How will I know you are trapping in my area?

Keep an eye on your letterbox and local newspapers. Check the mogshots gallery and our Facebook or Twitter pages.



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