Latest News - The glamorous assistant: an event round-up

The glamorous assistant: an event round-up

It’s not every day you find yourself carrying a stuffed cat around in public, nor would you expect it to receive such genuine awe and appreciation from visitors. However, our glamorous assistants, Wallace and Hamishina really stole the show at Moy Highland Games, The Black Isle Show, Turriff Show, Scone Palace Game Fair, Morvern Games and Grantown Show to name a few. Everyone wanted to get their photo taken with them, including local MP Drew Hendry.

MP Drew Hendry with Emma at Scottish Wildcat Action stall in Grantown

The project team at Scottish Wildcat Action have been out and about telling people about our national conservation plan to save the Scottish wildcat. It was amazing how many stories visitors had to tell about wildcats and there was a lot of interest in volunteering. Everyone loves their Scottish wildcats!

Scottish Wildcat Action at Morvern Games

Some of our visitors found Wallace and Hamishina very interesting indeed...

Hamishina says hello to local dog in Moy

The stuffed wildcats were generously donated to us to use for educational purposes. We were able to show visitors the distinctive markings on their coat, and of course, point out the thick bushy tail which has a black blunt tip. Not many people get to see a wildcat these days, certainly not up close and personal so it was nice to be able to demonstrate with the help of our glamorous assistants.

Now time for some well-earned rest. They may be glamorous but they are also very old!

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