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Top 10 facts about Scottish wildcats

Happy National Mammal Week! Thank you for celebrating our elusive and beautiful Scottish wildcat, the last native species of cat left in the wild. Here are some facts about Scottish wildcats you might not know.


1.) Scottish wildcats can be nearly a metre long (98cm for males and 90cm for females)

2.) Wildcat territories are wide-ranging and can be even 25km2 or more

3.) They are less active in bad weather and don't like the rain

4.) They are mostly solitary creatures except during mating season (Jan - Mar)

5.) Kittens live with their mother for up to 6 months

6.) Their favourite food is rabbit but they will also eat voles, mice and hares

7.) Wildcats don't like being in open ground so tend to use edges of streams, hedges and roads to move around

8.) Den sites include cairns, brash piles, logs, and under tree roots

9.) Wildcats may only live for 2 - 3 years in the wild because of threats from disease, accidental persecution and traffic

10.) There are thought to be less than 300 Scottish wildcats left in the wild compared with 100,000 feral domestic cats


Scottish Wildcat Action is a collaborative project involving over 20 partner organisations from the scientific, conservation and land management communities. We are tackling the threats that face these stunning creatures in the wild and also breeding wildcats for later release. Help us continue to efforts to save this species and consider making a donation or adopting a wildcat.


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Photos courtesy of Peter Cairns, Barrie Williams and Nick Littlewood.



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