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It's Not A Hard Life Being A Supercat

Mogwai is typical of many cats roaming around the Highlands. He’s always on the look-out for a mate and no one is really sure of the hardships which turned this one-time lap-dweller into a wandering free spirit.

Cats like Mogwai may well be the embodiment of a stray or may have been cruelly dumped by one of our more heartless members of society.

It is highly likely that Mogwai has suffered his fair share of hunger, scraps and close calls en route to his current home, a farm in Strathbogie.

There he can kick back and thrive, feasting on a plentiful supply of mice and other rodents, but there's a problem, Mogwai loves the ladies.

Because Mogwai hadn't been neutered, he had a tendency to chance his arm with the farmer’s female felines. Mogwai’s jack-the-lad approach did pose a few issues, one being a potential fluctuation in feral cat numbers, and more seriously the risk of hybridisation, given that there are wildcats breeding on the farm.

However, the responsible farmer took one of Scottish Wildcat Action's key campaign messages around the importance of neutering pet and feral cats and contacted our Project Officer Emma Rawling.

Emma made sure Mogwai was caught, neutered and vaccinated. She also made enquires with neighbours, vets, animal welfare groups, shelters and lost and found registers to ensure he didn’t belong to anyone.

Clearly Mogwai’s charms were too much for our Emma. She was looking for a cat around the same time and after being wooed by his charm, Mogwai headed home with Emma, after being micro-chipped and passed with a clean bill of health.

Mogwai is now very much at home and as a Supercat (a title he has rightly earned after having been neutered and vaccinated against common diseases) he takes a vested interest in Emma’s work to save Scotland’s wildcats.

He is already hard at work and is pictured below keeping an eye on Emma's recent performance during a media interview.

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Emma is responsible for the Strathbogie area and coordinating Scottish Wildcat Action's volunteers. She has previously worked as a wildlife ranger and warden, with species like red squirrels, ospreys and beavers, as well as being a vet nurse and working in animal welfare. She is based at the FES office near Elgin.


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