Latest News - Possible wildcat kitten found in Strathbogie priority area

Possible wildcat kitten found in Strathbogie priority area

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Update: Following genetic testing we were able to confirm this kitten was only between 30 and 40% wildcat. It was then neutered and taken in by a farmer to use as a mouser.

The outcome for this fun-sized feline may not have been good had our Project Officer Emma Rawling not been contacted by a member of the public (Chris), who found it near Huntly yesterday.

Though it’s tricky to tell whether a kitten is wildcat when they are so young, we think this kitten might be one. To confirm this we’ve sent off a wee sample of its DNA for testing.

When it was found it was cold, wet and hungry. Chris had been keeping an eye on it for a couple of days prior to Emma arriving. With no sign of the mother over this time and the kitten showing no signs of being cared for, we could be confident that the wee toot needed help. It is now being looked after by a couple, one of whom happens to be a vet so he couldn't be in better hands.

Zac, this year a proud wildcat father of a litter of wildcat kittens at the Highland Wildlife Park, was rescued as a kitten in a similar way not far from this one. There have also been a number of recent possible wildcat sightings in the Strathbogie area and Emma is very excited about this latest finding.

She said: "We have left camera traps in the area just in case there are adults around or indeed other kittens in need of similar, urgent help."

If it's confirmed as a wildcat it may go into the conservation breeding programme and its offspring could one day be returning to bolster the wild population. If on the other hand it isn’t a wildcat, it'll be neutered when old enough.

If you come across a possible wildcat within one of our priority areas please don’t pick it up, get in touch with one of our Project Officers via our website and visit the Team section.

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