Latest News - Biker Trove – Dutch riders donate to Scottish Wildcat Action

Biker Trove – Dutch riders donate to Scottish Wildcat Action


Caption: left to right: Lukas Ruiter, owner of Lukas Ruiter Production, friend and motorcyclist Ron Knoops and SWA Communications Co-ordinator Duncan McKenzie at the Kildrummy Inn, Alford

A Dutch motorcycle tour operator has fallen so in love with Scotland and its endangered wildcat that the company and its clients have donated a massive £1000 to Scottish Wildcat Action (SWA).

Lukas Ruiter Production is a tour operator specialising in individual motorbike tours for Dutch and Belgian motorcyclists. The company is passionate about Scotland and its wildlife and their clients couldn’t agree more, resulting in their kind donations to the SWA project.

Lukas Ruiter visited Scotland this week to hand over the sizeable donation to SWA today (13 September 2017) at the Kildrummy Inn, Alford.

He said: “Our most proud achievement is that all our clients in the last four years have fallen in love with Scotland and want to go back to see new friends they made last time and/or to see more of Scotland.

“We and our clients love Scottish nature and wildlife. It is one of the many reasons to enjoy biking on Scottish roads. We wanted to give something back to Scottish nature for all it has offered our clients.

“It was very special for us to be involved in supporting Scottish Wildcat Action. We are very proud that all our clients agreed to a donation of €7.50, per booking, which raised a total of £1000 for Scottish Wildcat Action.”

SWA Priority Areas Project Manager Dr Roo Campbell said: “We are absolutely delighted that Lukas Ruiter Production and its clients have chosen to support our work.

“This is a sizeable donation which is warmly welcome by the project. The funds will be used to contribute to our crucial work on the ground to help save the Scottish wildcat from extinction.”

Scottish Wildcat Action is preparing for a busy winter season in their five priority areas, which will see the team of Project Officers carry out more wildcat monitoring and TNVR (Trap Neuter Vaccinate and Return) of feral cats and obvious hybrid cats to reduce the risk of further interbreeding with wildcats in the future.

We will also be carrying out essential GPS tracking work to help us build the most complete picture we can of where and how many Scottish wildcats there are within our priority areas.

SWA’s work in Aberdeenshire continues apace in the Strathbogie priority area and we continue to encourage farmers with large feral/farm cat colonies to get in touch and the project will be able to help them neuter those animals to protect the wildcats from hybridisation and disease.

Dr Campbell added: “We are already working on a number of large farm colonies in partnership with Strathbogie’s farming community and we are delighted to have received such support and positivity.

“More and more people, farmers, gamekeepers and land owners are becoming aware of the precarious position the Scottish wildcat finds itself in and everyone wants to help save it from extinction.”

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