Latest News - Thank you to our supporters and warning about misleading internet address

Thank you to our supporters and warning about misleading internet address

The team here at Scottish Wildcat Action is ever thankful for the kind support shown to the project by its many followers and supporters since its inception in 2015.

Your comments, letters, help and donations all make a massive difference to the work we do and keep our spirits up, even when bad things happen, like the recent vandalism and theft of our survey equipment. When we discovered those crimes and made them public, in the hope of encouraging witnesses to come forward, we were touched by people’s generosity. A number of you offered to donate money to the project to help us replace the missing and damaged equipment.

This blog post relates to that very point. There may be more of you who wish to donate to Scottish Wildcat Action or report a wildcat sighting and we want to make sure your donations and sightings are going to the right place. However, it has come to our attention that someone has purchased the internet domain name The URL currently takes you to another web page not owned by, or associated with, Scottish Wildcat Action.

We only recently discovered this misleading internet address and we intend to look further into the matter and see if the domain name can be returned to us. In the meantime, if you would like to donate to Scottish Wildcat Action, or report a wildcat sighting, the correct web address to use is

Thank you all once again for your unwavering support. The time is now to save Scotland’s wildcats.

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Dr Campbell is project manager for the priority areas programme of Scottish Wildcat Action. He has significant experience of carrying out research on the behaviour and ecology of Scottish wildcats and received his PhD in Zoology from Oxford University. He is based at Scottish Natural Heritage, Inverness.


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