Latest News - Meet Deery - our 200th cat to have been Trapped, Neutered, Vaccinated and Returned (TNVR)

Meet Deery - our 200th cat to have been Trapped, Neutered, Vaccinated and Returned (TNVR)

The 200th cat has now been treated through our TNVR programme which is designed as a very practical way to help protected our endangered Scottish Wildcats from hybridisation and disease.

Deery is typical of many of the cats we have trapped, neutered , vaccinated and returned under this scheme. She lives on a local farm, close to a forest area where wildcats are clinging on.

She performs a useful role on the farm as a rodent controller and though never handled or fed, she is a welcome resident. Luckily though, the farmer recognises that if left unneutered  she is exactly the kind of cat that may cross-breed with local wildcats – especially the males, which we are learning, appear to tour local farms looking for ladies.

So sensibly, this farmer took up our offer of free neutering for local farm and feral cats to make sure Deery had a health check, vaccination and neutering surgery.

One of our team visited the farm, camera trapped for a couple of weeks to ensure there were no  other cats or kittens around, then it took just two nights to catch this hungry lass in one of our humane cage traps. She was returned to the farm to continue her important rodent control job within 24hrs.

If you farm in any of our Wildcat Priority areas, ask us if you qualify for this free neutering scheme and you will have the benefit of knowing your farm mousers are healthy, neutered and wildcat friendly! 

Of the 200 cats we have processed so far in our TNVR scheme over the last two years, in all areas, these are the breakdown of figures:

Many of the 200 animals we have dealt with were in similar situations to Deery. But these numbers also include lots of wild-living cats caught in more remote areas and in atrocious weather conditions. The effort to capture each is far higher. Each hard-won neutering is a small set to making these priority areas safer for wildcats.

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