Latest News - Abstract peek at popular Scottish artist's latest wildcat work

Abstract peek at popular Scottish artist's latest wildcat work

Renowned Scottish artist and Scottish Wildcat Action partner Ailsa Black is putting the finishing touches to her latest piece - an all new design featuring the Scottish wildcat.

Today, Ailsa has agreed to give everyone a sneak peek of the almost complete painting, well an abstract view of it at least.

What is does highlight is Ailsa's love of colour and vibrancy in her art. She hopes the painting will be ready very soon as a print and available to buy on her website There are also plans to sell cards with the same design later in the year.


Ailsa's popular wildcat original (above)

In 2017 Scottish Wildcat Action (SWA) announced a new partnership with Ailsa Black and one of the many paintings created by the Dumfriesshire artist was a piece featuring a charming Scottish wildcat.

Here at SWA HQ we were struck by the painting’s personality and colour. Subsequently Ailsa kindly offered to donate a percentage of the sales from her wildcat greeting card packs and prints to support our work.

We’ve been lucky enough to see her near-finished painting and we can’t wait for everyone else to see the finished piece! Already, it’s absolutely beautiful and this colourful addition to Ailsa’s collection reflects her charming and upbeat style, which she says “embraces the simplest and deepest joys in life, those cherished moments of quiet companionship when the world seems at peace.”


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