Latest News - Purr-formance and cocktails for French bartender going for a ‘chat’ at world competition glory

Purr-formance and cocktails for French bartender going for a ‘chat’ at world competition glory

The London EDITION hotel's French bartender Arnaud Volte

A French bartender at a top London hotel has entered the world’s biggest bar-tending competition and his entry has been inspired by the Scottish wildcat.

Bergerac-native Arnaud Volte, 27, works at the London EDITION hotel and has created a special cocktail for this year’s World Class competition, run by Diageo.

Arnaud recently learned about the plight of the UK’s most endangered mammal after watching Wild Films’ Tigers of Scotland documentary on Netflix and wanted to raise awareness about the Scottish wildcat using visual, cocktail art.

After much thought and background reading Arnaud came up with an incredible sounding (and tasting by all accounts) cocktail, that comprises Scotland’s very own Johnnie Walker Black Label, lemon juice, black cardamom, orange and lemon marmalade and finished exquisitely with a top of pine needles & moss soda.

Since entering the competition Arnaud’s creation has now been picked in the top 100 UK and is in contention for the next round. Along with the pictures he has posted on his Instagram page, he has included information about the Scottish wildcat, its perilous position, what Scottish Wildcat Action is doing to help the species and photos by Scotland: The Big Picture’s Peter Cairns.

Arnaud said: “I’m really excited to be in the next round of the biggest bar tending competition in the world and proud that my cocktail features the Scottish wildcat.

“Since I found out about the Scottish wildcat (not really common with me being French), I wanted to do something to make more people aware of it, but in a creative way.

“I am really pleased with my creation and I have to admit it is delicious.”

Arnaud started out working with children in France and ended up being director of summer camps and recreation centres.

He then decided to change career completely and went to Thailand to attend a bar-tending school four years ago.

He said: “After that I moved to London and started as a barback three years ago in a pub before becoming a bartender and bar manager of their cocktail bar.

“I then went to The Distillery on Portobello Road, as bartender first, then head bartender, bar manager and bar/duty manager and finished in the top 35 UK bartenders last year.

“Five months ago I went to The London EDITION as a bartender and am enjoying the hotel life.”

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